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In For The Kill


Fools Paradise - In For The Kill (c) 2013

Released 7/14/2014

  1. Temple of Kings
  2. War
  3. Wasted Years
  4. Play.gif (428 bytes) Long Time
    Fools Paradise - Wasted Years (In For the Kill)
  5. In for the Kill
  6. End of Days
  7. Static
  8. Loser
  9. Broken Man

ThisWorldCD.jpg (5866 bytes)
Released 4/1/2010

  1. Why
  2. Midnight Lover
  3. Play.gif (428 bytes) Slip Away
  4. Play.gif (428 bytes) Walking the Walls
  5. Play.gif (428 bytes) Bad Jimi
  6. Play.gif (428 bytes) World's Burning
  7. Play.gif (428 bytes) Diamond Halo
  8. The Way
  9. This World

(C)(P) Nicholas Neilson (BMI). All rights reserved.  Music and Lyrics by Nick Neilson.  No portion of the materials or recordings may be reproduced or distributed in any form, or by any means without prior written permission.

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Wasted Years

World's Burning



  • Simon Paul - Sure to give metal fans another reason to keep the old school alive and well. ... with Ian Gillan-reminiscent vocals and Ronnie James Dio-formatted lyrical structure layering riffs that jab you like classic Maiden, Priest and Fate wrapped up in one package;  keyboards that paint sonic portraits along the veins of Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow; the steady, yet fierce, drive of warm bass lines; and solid drumming that could call out any rhythm section, these guys may very well have the ability to earn a special place in the hearts and ears of many different shades and gradations of rock ‘n’ roll fans everywhere.

  • Brian Vibberts - Great Lyrically.  Song after song, this album stays strong. Wasted Years - It's a musical masterpiece, with all the complex time signatures, etc. War - Hard Hitting ROCK! Another highlight of the album.
    (Brian Vibberts)

  • Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
    Wasted Years
    - Creative tempos and chugging guitars get the listener immediately pumped.  The vocal entrance provides an air of anticipation and rock sincerity.  A triumphant anthem of a chorus seems to be the well-placed payoff, but in fact it's the instrumental break and guitar solo in the middle of the song that really shows off how Fools Paradise can simultaneously groove and shred. 

    Long Time - A perfectly constructed and melodic guitar arpeggio in the intro leads into a drum and vocal groove, and shows off how the band locks in and feeds off of each other.  The chorus is an irresistible rock and roll sing-a-long moment, and the ensuing guitar solo definitely wraps you up and carries you pleasantly over the bridge.  At times, the lead singer reminds you of Paul Stanley. This song builds like a breathtaking wave that you will want to listen to full blast as you peel down the highway.  (Reviewed by: Jason Shaffer, Bryan Farrish Promotion)


  • RoughEdge - In my review of the band's earlier demo, I said: "A full-length CD from these guys would be something to behold."  Now, finally, "This World", the full-length CD by Fools Paradise  is here and I am pleased to report that it is indeed something to behold.
    "This World" starts out with a track (Why) that sounds a lot like Uriah Heap.  It's got that classic, vintage rock sound that you used to hear on the radio all the time but can't find now no matter how hard you try.  Track 2 (Midnight Lover) sounds like vintage Deep Purple.  Do you see the theme here yet?  This is an album for anybody who likes the classic hard rock era, but "This World" still has enough of a freshedge -- with its high production values, quality songwriting, etc, -- that it sounds new and just great.
    Vocalist Nick Neilson still sounds a lot like Meat Loaf at times, which of course, is a good thing; Meat Loaf is one of the best vocalists in rock history.  This is no more apparent than on track 6 "World's Burning".     The solos on the CD are fiery and dynamic in the vein of Ted Nugent's style.  And the songs are irresistible, hooking you from the beginning and getting those hooks in deeper with each and every listen.

    "This World" is one of my favorite albums of last year, and this year, as well.   It's fast, fun and a total blast to listen to.

    (RoughEdge review by R. Scott Bolton)

  • Bryan Farrish Promotion - With the smooth sounds of classic rock paired with a slightly harder more metal-like edge, Fools Paradise clearly has a little of something for everyone whether you’re into the rock bands of yesteryear or heavy metal.
    Bad Jimi - This track has an interesting feel as it provides an actual narrative, uniting it with sly and mischievous instrumentals.
    World’s Burning - This dramatic sounding song has a particularly melancholy feel that amplifies the emotional feeling evoked by the track. Complemented with haunting lyrics and well-timed harder edged guitar riffs, this song truly makes you feel what the band wants you to feel as they are playing it.
    Diamond Halo - A particularly deceptive track, it sneakily hides the fact that it is the most unique track on the whole album as there is an excellent variation in pacing, volume, solos, and different melodies/riffs, a seemingly chaotic mish-mash of ingredients that surprisingly create an utterly delectable final result. 
    (Review by Alan Huang, Bryan Farrish Promotion)


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  • Order direct: from Fools Paradise.  Complete and mail an order form along with your payment.
  • Order CD online: at
  • Look for it at Salzers Records, Pipe & Cigars 5777 Valentine Rd., Ventura, CA
  • Digital MP3 Downloads at DigStation, cdBaby, (iTunes, Amazon & Verizon)!

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