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Canyon Club -   2014                                                                                        October  2014
What a great venue to play.  The crowd was amazing and the staff and crew were professional.
We'd like to thank Lou Gramm and Crack in the Shell for putting on a great show!

InForTheKill_CD.jpg (4490 bytes) IN FOR THE KILL                                                                                         July 14, 2014
Available at: CDbaby, Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Tradbit, LastFM, iHeartRadio, GreatIndieMusic, Amazon MP3, Spotify, 7Digital,  24-7, Simfy, Google Music, Rumblefush, Rdio, Slacker Radio, Shazam, Media Net and more!!

mug.gif (3825 bytes) In for the Kill album review by Simon Paul            May 16, 2014

"... keeping its listeners’ attention and interests with heavy hitters coming at them from all angles. Starting things off with “Temple of Kings,” I’m reminded a little bit of the gun slinging power of Zakk Wylde’s guitar work from the No More Tears/Ozzmosis time period of his career compiled with the force of a power metal opus. Keeping the energy high and impressionable, we get “War” and “Wasted Years” (the latter having been commemorated into a music video and made available to watch on their band website) that sport some quick riffs that totally shout Adrian Smith and Dave Murray while holding Hank Sherman and Michael Denner close in mind... Take my advice and give ‘em a go; you won’t be disappointed."   (Read the Full Review)

Fools Paradise Wasted Years Video                                                                                           May 9, 2014

Check out the Fools Paradise "Wasted Years" music video!!
Track #3 off our up coming CD "In For The Kill".

The 805 Stage                                                                                                                        February 27,  2014

The 805 Project on Ojai Valley Intenet RadioOjai Valley Internet RadioFools Paradise on The 805 Stage
Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 8:00 PM
on Ojai Valley Iternet Radio with Laura Daniels

Listen to the show on Line

Filming Wasted Years Music Video (behind the scenes)                                                      July 28,  2013

Fools Paradise Wasted Years video shoot day 2Filming is complete for the Fools Paradise Wasted Years Music video. The editing now begins.  We'd like to thank everyone for their hard work and long hours (Revolutionary Productions (Dr. Jeff and his rockn' crew) , Ms. Oliva Bellafontaine, Annete from the Ventura Spritual Center, Father Elo, David M for letting us turn his backyard into our own private graveyard and all the memebers of our crew.  Everyone did a fantastic job. It was truely an amazing experience.  Can't wait to see it all come together.

Ray Manzarek                                                                                                                               May 20,  2013

NickManzarek1980.JPG (214361 bytes)NickManzarek2010.JPG (144793 bytes)Far left: Nick and Ray Manzarek (keyboardist of the Doors) at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in 1980.  Ray hung out with Nick and his bandmates from PARADOX, along with John Densmore, and had a few beers.

Left:  Ray and Nick met up again at So-Ho in Santa Barbara in 2010 (notice Ray is holding the picture taken 30 years earlier).

Rest in Peace Ray.

Listen and Request Wasted Years on INDIE104-iRADIO LA                                              May   2013

Tracks off our next realease "In For The Kill" are on INDIE104Wasted Years is gaining ground thier top 100 played.  As of May 5th it's #24.  Help us keep it climbing by listening & requesting it.

The Key Club Cancer Benefit                                                                                                   January   2013

We would like to thank everyone that made it to the 2nd Annual Rockers Against Cancer Benefit.  It was an Amazing show for a GREAT Cause.

"In for the Kill" Update #2!                                                                                                           
Rough mixes are coming in!  Check out
Play.gif (428 bytes) Wasted Years Fools Paradise - Wasted Years (In For the Kill)&  Play.gif (428 bytes) Long TimeFools Paradise - Wasted Years (In For the Kill) two tracks off our upcoming CD.  Next in the mix line up is the Title Track "In For The Kill"

RoughEdge "This World" CD Review
..."This album is for anybody who likes the classic era,... but "This World" still has enough of a fresh edge -- with its high production values, quality songwriting, etc -- that it sounds new..."  the songs are irresistable, hooking you from the beginning and getting those hooks in deeper with each and every listen. "This World" is one of my favorite albums of last year... and this year, as well.  It's fast, fun and a total blast to listen to."... // Review by R. Scott Bolton at // Click here to read the review in its entirety

"In for the Kill" Update !                                                                                                                     

We appreciate everyone that made it to the shows in Simi Valley and the Rose City Rocks Music Fest in Passadena!   Recording for our next CD is moving right along (Working Title "In For The Kill")  Tracks will include: w In for the Kill w Hit Man w War & Peace w Broken Man w Loser w Strange Kind of Lady w Wasted Years w Long Time w End of Days...

Happy New Year ! !                                                                                                                       January 1, 2012

Winter is a good time to record, we've always said.  We have started recording material for a new CD.  

Areana !                                                                                                                                          October   2010

We appreciate everyone that made it to the show in Simi Valley.  photos

KISS Tour Contest Results                                                                                                  September 2010

Thanks Everyone for casting your vote to get Fools Paradise on the KISS tour in Phoenix.  Although we didn't make it to the top three, we gave it a good run!  Out of 500+ bands we made it to #37.

Get Fools Paradise on the KISS Tour                                                                                             May 2010

We Need your vote.  Fools Paradise has entered a contest to Open for KISS!
Cast your vote to "Get Fools Paradise on the KISS Tour"

Ronnie James Dio                                                                                                                          May 16, 2010

His music and memory will never die.   \n/

Fools Flash!                                                                                                                                       April 5, 2010

"THIS WORLD"  available online at   CDBABY!

ATTENTION Fools Fans!                                                                                                                   April

Our new album "THIS WORLD" will be available for download  Sunday, April 4th at "DiGSTATION - Indie Music Downloads"

Fools Paradise Fans!                                                                                                                        March

The Fools Paradise CD "This World" is COMING April 1, 2010.  No Fooling.  
Pre-order yours today.  Available online from Fools Paradise and 
Digital Downloads on and

Fools Paradise Fans!                                                                                                                           January 26

View our self produced Bad Jimi video (7.3mb) in it's entirety!  Featured on FUSE TV Saturday, January 24th at 10:30am PT.
Bad Jimi Nick Neilson (BMI)

Fools Paradise Fans!                                                                                                                           January 20

Thank You ALL for your support!   Unfortunatly although we had votes in every age group, in 9 states and on 3 continents, the judges overruled the fan votes and we didn't make it to the next round for "Best Origial Music" on   We far exceeded the other entries and our expectations. 


We will make the Fools Paradise Bad Jimi video that we submitted available on our site very soon and we are are already working on another one.
BTW, Group 14 airs on FUSE TV Saturday, January 24th at 1030am (eastern/pacific). 

Name:  Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise welcomes Bruce Curry (bassist)!

Name:  Fools Paradise

Nick and David welcome  Lee Razavi to the group!

Name:  Fools Paradise  

Clarence and his family are relocating out of the area.  We wish them all the best.  Take care man and keep in touch, we'll miss you.  ~ Nick, David and the whole gang.

Name: vinnie                City_State: oxnard ca  

Hey clarence, great sound on the demo track.I liked it! Keep up the good work. I liked what the guy a few comments below mine said (Brad Dickey from So.Cal dated 12/19/04) The only thing i'd like to is being able to hear the rest of the tracks to give a honest input. For now, i'd like to hear a little more heavier guitar and alot of bass guitar in the tunes. Hard to say what band names to give for examples,lets see now.......Lynkin Park, God Smack, Megadeth, Coheed&Cambria, Alice in Chains....One of the guys at work said it was alright, but a bit too "Biker Bar'ish" for him. Mind you, all are just opinions, so don't take it as any sort of bashing......PLEASE!! Considering you just live around the corner from me, don't want you comming over to thrash me...ha,ha ;) See you soon clarence. P.S. Lets get some golf in

Name: BANGEE MUSIC        City_State: JAPAN

Nice to meet you. We manage a MP3 download site in Japan, and we want you to provide your songs to our site...

Name: Moscow        City_State: atlantide 

Hello friends! 

Name: Brad Dickey         City_State: So Cal

You popped into the COMPUSA store and left me a CD, a few days later I got to listen in. I liked it. I liked it a lot. The ONLY criticism is the lyrics are way in the background, can hardly hear them... BUT, I wanted to hear the music most anyway.

You guys got some fun noise coming out man. I went to the university of N. TX and have heard tons of talent in my day. Edie Brickell and her bohemians used to play on campus and talk to us (the debate team), and my father played drums for years in country bands mostly in TX but also some rock groups as a fill in.

His father played all over the world with Patsy Cline and some of that era.... ANyway, the point is, I'm not giving praise lightly, I see MUCH potential to work with here and suspect if you guys can find a groove and hit a song or two, you could hit it like Hootchie and the blow jobs did, ERRRRR I Mean hootie and the blowfish.... (no disrespect meant to their name I just love the joke/ and no disrespect meant to your music, but I could see you guys hitting off like they did).

So, keep it up.

If you ever get bored and want some lyrics, I've done that in the past for bands in Tx... give me a topic you want... and a tune you want them to, and I'll go to work, OR go for the topic and we'll go from there.

Be well,

May your work be blessed,


Name: Clarence and Paulette         City_State: OX

AWESOME is all we can say to the TOP SITE award.

Name: jessika

Hi guys! Nice site, good design!

Name: Scott A Sabul         City_State: San Diego, CA

Hey Clarence, You definitely ROCK my man! It's been a pleasure working with you since 1999! Good Luck at The Paladino Gig in August. Keep those good vibes flowing. If possible, send a demo CD and a FOOLS T-Shirt to: Scott A. Sabul 10284 Wateridge Circle, Unit 242 San Diego, CA 92121-5734. Thanks again and keep rockin'! Cheers.

Name: Igor                         City_State: Encino, CA

Hey, Clarence... thanks for telling me about the website, finally made it over here... great stuff, awesome band... I'll try to catch your show next time you guys are at Paladinos in the Valley.

Name: Cat                     City_State: Germany

Hey, Fools Paradise what's up? Whoever hasn't checked out Fools Paradise yet, definately should. They are a bad @$$ band with an amazing live show! Another great band to check out is Crack’n Up’s - Check their site for upcoming releases, shows and cd sampler.

Name:         Paulette             City_State: Oxnard,  ca           
Hey, the site is looking great, enjoyed listening to the songs on mp3. keep doing the awesome job you're doing. Guys keep up the good work with the music you're playing.

Name:    Andy                    City_State: 
I checked out your website, it's really great. You did an excellent job on the site.

Name:    Fools Paradise    City_State:    Ventura County, CA
Fools Paradise was voted "THE BEST LOCAL BAND OF 2003!" in the online poll. We'd like to thank our fans, everyone who participated and the folks at VCMS for their support. " THANK YOU ALL... VERY MUCH ! "

Name:    Joseph Ariemma    City_State:    Cleveland, Ohio
may i have your band name when u get old and tired? my band members and i are fourteen and we are all accomplished musician's and we'll kick your ass in a battle of the bands. email at

Name:    David Kurdelak    City_State:    Thousand Oaks CA
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the Neilson Family, Eldridge Family, Don, Ken, Mike, Tony Bello, Babelfish42 and ALL THE FOOLS PARADISE FANS. LOOK OUT for 2004, it is going to ROCK!!!!!!! See you all next year.....

Name:    Cynthia                City_State:    Fort Wayne, IN 
Oh yeah, I think your website is very nice.

Name:    Cynthia                City_State:    Fort Wayne, IN 
I am not really a fan of hard rock, but your base player holds a special place in my heart. I knew he would do something with his musical gift and I trust you all will exceed your own expectations!

Name:    Mark Bamford    City_State:    Oxnard, Ca
What can I say, but you guys really kick ass. All your hard work has put your talents and skills right through the roof. My goal is to see Fools Paradise live this week end with all the other very fortunate fans.

Name:    Lynn                    City_State:    Ventura 
I saw you on Friday at the Ventura Theatre and I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys are awesome. I enjoyed the show. !! FOOL'S PARADISE ROCKS !!

Name:    David Kurdelak          City_State:   Thousand Oaks
To Nick, "C" and the Entire FOOLS PARADISE FAMILY (Family and FANS) - I want to wish eveyone a Happy and Safe Holiday.
See you all NEXT YEAR - ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Name:    Shawn                        City_State:  minnesota           

hey guys,
keep it coming you guys rock the first time I heard you guys C was in the Dallas airport and gave me your card and now it's the next day and I'm visiting your page its AWESOME and your music kicks @$$, I personally like silence it hit home and I'm going to tell all my friends about it.

Later and keep rocking!

Name:    Brenda                    City_State: NY NY USA       
Great Page. Thankz!

Name:    Chris                        City_State:    Reseda,CA       
HEY AL TOIDS why don't you take one and chill. FOOLS PARADISE ROCKS!!! They put on such a HIGH energy Theatrical Show, the audience wants more and more. Hey "C" if you jumped any higher you'd touch the sky ;-) These guys are going to lead the next wave of HARD ROCK. FOOLS PARADISE you guys are the best, loved the CD and can't wait for the next one. Don't worry your loyal fans will have a word with Al Toid. Hey Al Toid if you thought Metallica fans were loyal, you have not met Fools Paradise fans, LOOK OUT!!!! NICK and DAVE you guys kicked ass at the last show, next show though make sure to hold on to "C" before he blasts off :O
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:    Al Toid                    City_State:    Walla Walla, WA       
You guys should not quit your day jobs! If you don't have one, get one!

Name:   Smeiderer's             
Just wanted to tell you that your website is really cool, hope you go far and keep us informed of how everything goes in the business.

Name:   Rhonda          
You did an excellent job on the web site, excellent.  My favorite song is Silence. 

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